Giddings for Cheshire Town Council


Anne Giddings: Republican Candidate for Cheshire Town Council at Large

 During the 38 years I have lived in Cheshire, I have enjoyed volunteering for the community and helping to preserve its character, while providing needed community services.

Solving problems collaboratively has been my standard procedure, as an educational administrator. We know that people of good will working together make the best decisions. I will bring that strong belief and my many years of effective collaborative leadership experience to the Town Council, along with my strong work ethic and my belief in citizen action to improve our community.

As a former school principal, curriculum supervisor, assistant superintendent and acting superintendent, I have experience preparing budgets. I know the difference between "needs" and "wants." I understand that budgets have to be explained to boards of education and town councils. These groups must make decisions based not only on what could be done to enhance education and other town services, but also on the ability and the willingness of the public to pay. These groups have to understand which items are the essentials and which would improve services, but are not vital. Then, they must decide whether the "needs" can be provided in another way, and how many of the "wants" can be provided.

I am especially interested in environmental issues and am glad that my husband and I were able to preserve our own farm from development by giving the Cheshire Land Trust a Conservation Easement, using our personal action to promote a public policy I believe in.

As an "at large" member o f the Town Council, I will represent all the people of Cheshire and work to ensure transparency in government.

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